Monday, 9 November 2015

Maslyanino District, Recreation Camp Strelinka

Late autumn is not a reason to stay at home, however gray and gloomy the weather can be. We decided to spend the weekend at a recreation camp called Strelinka off the pond with the same name.

It is located in Maslyanino District, Novosibirsk Region, 167 km to the south-east of Novosibirsk. Maslyanino itself is quite a big settlement, the locals call it a town, though you won't see any building higher than 2 levels, most of them built in the Soviet way. The settlement is famous for a big dairy farm, a flax-production factory and other agricultural enterprises, while the district with numerous picteresque villages is often referred to as 'the Siberian Switzerland'.

Cafe 'Tour'. For real travelers!
 It is located in the south-east of the Novosibirsk Region, and its nature is different from the rest of it. It can boast of high hills, mountain rivers and even waterfalls and caves. Rocks on the Berd are located here, too. Late autumn is not the best season to explore the nature, so I'll return there in summer, and now enjoy some views of Maslyanino, the camp and the pond.

Summer houses.

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