Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Kemerovo, a city in Siberia

Our family like active life, and on the 2nd of January we decided to go to Tomskaya Pisanitsa again, as they organize Ded Moros's (Dather Frost's) residence there in winter. I wrote about Tomskaya Pisanitsa some time ago (, it is a very interesting travel destination in our region.
That time we didn't manage to have a close look at Kemerovo, the capital of Kemerovo region, but this time we made up for it, and we liked it very much.

Kemerovo is a typical Soviet city, with mostly Stalin-style, Khruschev-style and modern architecture, but it has its unique image. The city is very clean, its streets are broad, public transportation is in perfect order, there are enough places to eat, but it is problematic to find a cheap hotel, and there is no hostel, which is understandable, because it is not a tourist destination at all.
But anyway, if you happen to come to Kemerovo, which can only happen by chance unless you are there on business, try to spend a couple of hours looking around.
The city center and the river Tom embankment are very nice.
Unfortunately I don't know much about the history of Kemerovo. It seems that the first Russians came there several centuries ago, but the initial settlement ceased to exist. There is no building in Kemerovo, which would look older than 80 years. I think I should read something about Kemerovo. It is one of the closest cities to Novosibirsk, and I don't know anything about it.

Our first time there was in May, it was about +8C and very wet, and somehow now, when it's -15C outside, it was much nicer. For me it's no wonder, winters are rather dry here, and if there's no wind, it's really nice to be out with all the snow and frost. But you have to walk very fast, of course.

The first thing we visited was a war memorial. The one in Novosibirsk is very much alike, but I suppose they are all of this kind in Russia, with eternal flame in front of it.
 The alley leading to the memorial is very nice

Then we explored the embankment, and found a typical place newlyweds usually visit.
Then we found a funny monument, my kids loved it
From the embankment we followed to Pushkin street with a number of monuments and statues devoted to the poet and his works.
Golden fish from one of Pushkin's fairy tales
Pushkin with his sweetheart
The surrounding street is very nice too.
Then we reached the central square with the regional administration, the city administration and the post office on i.
The post office
The city administration

The regional administration and Lenin statue
Ice and snow figures they have built there are just fabulous. In spite of low temperature, my children spent nearly two hours there, giving my time for taking photos and walking around.

And then I looked around a little. Behind the regional administration I found a nice building, which looks like a part of the administration.
And a chapel devoted to mine workers who had died in one of the mines in 1993
 A theatre with  interesting figures in front of it and next to it.
And a nice building which appeared to be a school.
And then it turned out that everyone felt cold and wanted to go home. So I didn't manage to see everything in Kemerovo, which only means that we can go there again some day.
After having coffee (very good!) in one of the cafes we drove back to Novosibirsk. The distance between the cities is 260-300 km depending on the road one takes, and on the 3rd of January it was nearly empty, which was lucky, and we managed to reach Novosibirsk in as little as 3.5 hours.

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