Friday, 25 March 2011

Altai. Teletskoye Lake

Somehow I can't stop writing about Altai. Perhaps I would write about Caucasus if I lived close to Caucasus, or about the Alps, if I lived there.
But I happen to live in Siberia and one of its main attractions is Altai.
Today I'll write about Teletskoye Lake.
It's the biggest and the deepest lake in Altai.
Situated at a height of 434 m above sea level, the lake is 78 km long and 5 km wide. Its surface area is 233 km²; however, due to its considerable depth (325 m), the lake contains no less than 40 km³ of fresh water. The lake transparency is high, with the visibility of the lake water ranging from six to fourteen meters. The water temperature is no more than 8-10 degrees C in summer, but there are small bays where it can be up to 15-17 degrees C warm, thus it's possible to bathe there.

Here's what Wiki says about Teletskoye Lake:

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Altai Mountains, November 2010

I started dreaming of the next Altai travel as soon as came back from there in the end of August. Altai is able to capture you, perhaps the same way as all mountains do.
November 4-7 is a public holiday in Russia and everyone can enjoy some days-off. Unfortunately the weather is usually dull-gray within this period. It's late autumn, no leaves on trees, sometimes it snows, sometimes it just freezes, but sometimes we are lucky to have relatively warm and sunny weather.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Altai Mountains, Chuya Road and surroundings. Conclusion.

Hello, everybody reading my blog.
I'm finally up to writing the last part of the story about our Chuya Road travel.
And it is just the right time to finish the story as spring is already here and I'm packing my backpack for the next tour, not knowing yet where we'll go.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Early spring in Siberia

March is not really spring here. It is different each year. One year it may be cold and snowy, and the next year it may be really warm and spring-like. But after a warm March we may have cold and winter-like April and even May.
It's hard to say what we'll have this year, but spring is definitely coming and we won't have to wait long for the snow to melt and for the first flowers to appear.
We had a wonderful weekend.
It was about 0 -3 degrees C, somewhat windy, but the sun was shining brightly.
I couldn't help to take a couple of pictures of the river Ob.
It is mostly covered with ice yet, but it is seen that in a couple of weeks it will be free of it.
The Ob River. About 800 m wide in Novosibirsk. The river begins in Altai Mountains as the Katun River, which flows together with the River Biya by the town of Biysk. The Ob River falls into the Arctic Ocean.  
The river is frozen in winter. The ice melts away in March-April. In summer the water is about 20-22 degrees C and it is clean enough for swimming.
And after the picnic by the river there was some cross-country skying for pleasure. Perhaps it was the last skying this year, but hopefully not. In 2010 we went skying on the 10th of April.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Altai Mountains, Chuya Road and surroundings. Part 4

In the end of the previous part of my story
I said we were going to see the the Northern-Chuya mountain range. And we did it. We saw many other amazing sights too.
It's just unbelievable that all these things are less than 1000 km away from Novosibirsk. This distance is not large, if we remember the total dimensions of Russia.
But when one comes to those remote places, one feels as if one would be in another world or even on another planet.

Novosibirsk in pictures.

I'm no good at photography. Unfortunately.
But fortunately there are people who are extremely good at it.
And fortunately some of them live and work in my home city and they make really good pictures.

In the blog of one of them, Slava Stepanov, a young but talented artist, you can see amazing pictures of Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Region and some other destinations.

I've stolen one of the pictures of Novosibirsk to show it to you here, and the rest you'll find in the artist's blog below:

Novosibirsk from a helicopter:

Academgorodok from a helicopter:

The photographer's website: