Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Welcome to my blog!

I would like to greet everyone who is reading my blog.
My name is Olga Tkachenko, I was born and have always lived in Novosibirsk. It is the very center of Russia and the capital of Siberia.
Guten Tag!
Ich begrüsse alle meine Leser!
Ich heisse Olga Tkachenko. Ich bin in Nowosibirsk geboren und gewachsen Nowosibirsk liegt in der Mitte Russlands und das ist die drittgrösste Stadt des Landes.

I am a freelance translator, interpreter and tour guide in Novosibirsk, Siberia and the Altai mountains.
Traditionally my hometown and Siberia in general are not very popular travel destinations due to several reasons, like cold and long winters, long distance from our capital and other well-visited places in Russia and supposed lack of intresting sights. And one more reason is scarce information about Siberia, especially in English.
Ich bin Freelancer, arbeite als Dolmetscherin, Übersetzerin und Reiseleiterin in Nowosibirsk, Sibirien und kann meine Touristen auch in Altai Gebirge begleiten. Meine Stadt und Sibirien im Ganzen sind nicht sehr beliebt als Reiserziele. Das Wetter ist hier ziemlich kalt im Winter, es ist weit von der Landeshauptstadt und anderen bekannten Reiserzielen, und es gibt (mindestens so glauben viele Reisende) nicht sehr viele historische Sehenswürdigkeiten. Und noch dazu gibt es im Internet wenig Informationen über Sibirien.

But I'm trying to do my best to change it, as I'm convinced that Siberia has a lot to offer and my city is attractive for foreign and Russian visitors with all its theatres, museums, the Zoo, and the nature around it.
Aber ich werde versuchen, alles Mögliche zu tun, um dies zu ändern, weil ich der Überzeugung bin, dass es in Sibirien viel zu sehen gibt, und dass meine Stadt für russische und ausländische Besucher interessant ist. Hier befinden sich viele Theater, Museen, das Zoo, und die Natur der Nowosibirsker Region ist schön und vielfältig.

Thus, in my blog, I write about Siberia. About the tours I made on my own, together with my family, and the tours I guided. I also write about my translation and interpreting job, because my job is one of my greatest passions.
Mein Blog ist über Sibirien, und über die Führungen, welche ich anzubieten habe. Das ist auch über meine Arbeit als Dolmetschern und Übersetzerin.

I'm a passionate traveler myself, so I write about my travels to other destinations as well.
Ich verreise sehr gerne, und hier können Sie auch über meine eigenen Reisen lesen.

I welcome all of you to Novosibirsk, my hometown, to Altai Mountains and to other Siberian cities, towns and locations. I'd be pleased to be your guide and interpreter!
Seien Sie bitte in Nowosibirsk, Altai Gebirgen und anderen Städten Sibiriens wilkommen! Ich werde Sie gerne begleiten!

Seversk, Tomsk Region

Seversk is a town lying several km to the north of Tomsk. Its population now comprises about 110 thousand people. Despite the town is not a very small one and has well-developed infrastructure, it is pretty unknown in Siberia, let alone in the rest of the country. In fact, only a few people even in Novosibirsk have heard of it, though it is situated approximately 270 km to the north of it. The explanation is somewhat mysterious – the town is a ‘secret’ one.

Monday, 21 April 2014

A Travel through Novosibirk Region. Kargat, Kuybyshev, Barabinsk

Nearly a year ago, early in May 2013, we (my husband, my kids and me) decided to go West, so we got in the car and drove in the western direction along the federal highway M51 to look at the town called Kuybyshev, which once was a big and prosperous trading center and still has some nice specimen of pre-revolution stone architecture.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Happy 2014 and a summary of 2013

Dear readers, dear friends, dear clients, dear colleagues!

First of all, let me wish you all the best in the coming 2014! May all your most ambitious dreams and plans come true! I wish you happiness, peace and harmony of soul and body!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

World Snow Forum

This winter Novosibirsk is welcoming the World Snow Forum for the second time, and the event is expected to become an annual one!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Horse Yard (Konny Dvor) near Belokurikha


During our stay in Belokurikha we went on one guided tour only. We visited the Horse Yard (Konny Dvor). It was very expensive, but my boys and I enjoyed it very much. I thought it would be interesting for the kids because the description of the tour said that one can see horses, birds, Siberian stags and much more. I was right, the boys loved it! Though we paid 40 euros for a 3hours tour for the three of us, we were not disappointed. But to those wishing to visit the place I recommend not to join an organized tour, but to go by yourself. Even if you go by taxi, it can be much cheaper.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Belokurikha, a Balneotherapeutic Health Resort in Altai

In the end of March my older son had a short vacation at school and I thought it was a good idea not to spend this time in the dirty city, but to go somewhere where there’s fresh air, beautiful nature and lots of opportunities to spend time outside. I was thinking of Altai mountains, Chemal District, but my mom offered another idea, which sounded even better, besides, I’ve never been in that place before. So we went to Belokurikha, a famous balneotherapeutic health resort. Actually it is in Altai mountains as well, at the beginning of Cherginsky Range.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

The snow-rich winter 2012-2013

This winter is, or I’d better say was, pretty hard for us here in Siberia. I know that my readers from Europe, the USA and other places with warmer climate can say that winter is always hard in Siberia, and they are absolutely right, but still this winter was special. The matter is that it was the snow-richest one within the last 100 years! At least the meteorologists say so. The previous winter was special, too, as it was the snow-poorest within about the same period, so this winter was partially a kind of compensation, but currently the amount of snow is so impressive that people are seriously scared. There are several sound reasons for that.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Novosibirsk is getting vegetarian-friendly!

Though I cannot call myself a true, absolute vegetarian (I sometimes eat seafood and I still eat eggs and add them to cakes and cookies I bake), I have been trying to follow the lactovegetarian lifestyle for slightly more than a year now and I thought I can try and write a post for those who is a vegetarian, a vegan, even a raw-food eater, and likes travelling around Russia and happens to come to Novosibirsk or visits my home city on business. In no case is this post meant to provoke any kind of argument, because I know that the topic is disputable. My goal is to give a couple of hints to vegetarians and those who are curious about that, who plan to visit Novosibirsk.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Kostanay, Northern Kazakhstan

The parents of my husband live in the town called Kostanay, which is in the North of Kazakhstan. The town is not well-known, and I cannot say it has something special about it, but this is a travel blog, and I believe all destinations are interesting, if explored and presented in the right way.

Chelyabinsk, Southern Urals, Russia

I have not written anything for a long time, but it doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. I was and I still am very busy interpreting and translating, but as winter is slowly coming to its end and I still have not written anything about it, it is the right time to do it. This winter has been a rich one. Rich in snow, rich in events, rich in short but interesting travels.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

How cold is Siberia?

When I guide my tourists around Novosibirsk I always tell them about the climate here, and tourists always like listening about Siberian cold winters, but the matter is that the majority of tourists come in summer and it feels very comfortable to speak about the frost with +20-30 around. It is hard to believe that it can be the same, but with - sign, that is, -20, -30 C and colder.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Transsiberian Railway; Abridged Version

In September this year I visited Translation Forum Russia, a great event organized by professional translators and interpreters for professional translations and interpreters. The event is something special in itself, and a lot of reviews have already been written about it both by Russian and foreign participants. I’m definitely going to write my own review, too, and the next year I’m going to visit it again and perhaps make a report. The forum is a travelling one, i.e. each time it takes place in a different city. This year Kazan, an old Russian city where Moslems have always lived, welcomed the Forum. However, in this post I’d like to write about my travel there, and one of the coming posts will be about the event itself.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Wedding and the City

A lot has already been said about Sex and the City, but sex often often results in such a fantastic and exciting event as a wedding. I have been married for more than 9 years already, but I still feel excited when I see happy faces of newlyweds on their wedding day. So this summer, when guiding tourists in Novosibirsk or just walking around, I suddenly had an idea to combine two things: to show my readers some city sights and to shoot happy couples on the background of these sights on the happiest day of their lives. 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Interpreting at the metal-recycling factory

The majority of the posts in this blog are about various sights of Siberia, in cieites, towns and about wonders of nature.
But I am also an interpreter, and I have still not written anything about places where I worked as an interpreter, though many of them are amazing, and I would never go there without a sound reason to do that. But interpreting, which I love as deeply as I love tour guiding, gives me endless opportunities to visit many interesting enterprises, institutions and events.